Dave Kline Band       “Shifting Borders” – keyboardist

Tosin Aribisala        “Life Begins”  – recording and mixing engineer, keyboardist

Peck the Town Crier    “Home Phone and Ghost of Payphone” – keyboardist

Jeanne Marie        “Destiny” – mixing engineer

The Crymuscles        “Le Chronique” – keyboardist

BD Lenz           “Five & Live” – keyboardist

BD Lenz        “Manifesto” – keyboardist

LL Cool J        “Exit 13” – Moog, Nord keyboards

Mute City        “Blue Masquerade” – recording and mixing engineer, keyboardist

Indianola        “Two Day” – keyboardist, recording and mixing engineer

The Half of It        “The Half of It” – keyboardist, composer, mixing engineer

Jesse Rubenfeld    “Silken Walls” – recording and mixing engineer, arranger

The Half of It        “Drop” – keyboardist, composer, mixing engineer